Course of mapping and programming of the control unit

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Practical / theoretical course of programming and remapping of the car ECUs. The course program includes practical exercises on the use of software dedicated to the programming and remapping of the EPROM memories of the car ECUs


To whom it is addressed

Anyone who wants to learn this skill, to the professionals of the automotive sector, to the expert car tuning users and, in particular, to the ecu tuning processors who intend to learn or deepen the techniques of remapping and optimization of the FAP / DPF and EGR management from the electronic control units for cars.


Course in the classroom

  • 2 days course (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 1 review / update day (to be agreed)
  • software for managing fap / egr / dtc / immo
  • file and demo program (eeprom edit) to practice immediately
  • helpline

Online course

  • 6 hours of video course
  • 12 chapters
  • you can see it when you want 7 days a week
  • helpline

About us

Hello! My name is Roberto Sanzari, I’m 33 years old, I was born in Imola in the city of motors and racing, my passion is my job.

All my life is linked to the mechanics and electronics that surrounds it, for this reason I decided to share with you everything you need to know in the world of mapping of a control unit, whether cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc….


Who was skeptical, I say do it, there is a good foundation from where to start, explanations for everyone, simple language that would understand even a child, and especially very prepared person, but above all really a good person, very nice and above all professionalism assured, very prepared professionally responds to the questions and concerns that one may have, it makes you think about what is explaining it, in order to let it get into your head, it worries that everyone has understood.
A big thank you Roberto


I entered the day of the course without having even the slightest idea of what it was working on an electronic control unit, I can say with certainty that, out of there, opens a world about the mapping, and with patience and tools once outside it is already able to work according to a criterion on almost all the control units. A dutiful thanks to the teacher!


This experience has far exceeded my expectations !! all topics were treated / explained in a simple but very effective way. the best money ever spent on a training course since I do this job.
I can not wait for the 2nd level !! thanks for everything !



Frequent questions


How much does the course in the classroom cost?

The course fee of € 490.00


How can I make the payment for the course in the classroom?

Deposit required is € 100,00 the balance is to be made on the first day of the course


What is included in the course fee in the classroom?

The course fee includes::

  • 2 days course (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 1 day FREE revision / update (to be agreed)
    software for managing fap / egr / dtc / immo
  • file and demo program (eeprom edit) to practice immediately

How much is the video course?

The fee for the video course is €199.00 for this month the fee is € 149.00


How can I make the payment for the video course?

The payment for the video course is via paypal, I chose Paypal because it is the safest payment system in the world. You will have secure payment, access to the immediate course and guaranteed privacy.

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