Video Course


If you are reading these lines you most likely have a certain interest in learning how to modify / optimize a file of a control unit.

I bet you have asked yourself many times: “Will I be able to do it even if I start from scratch?”

Or: “After completing the video course will I be able to map a control unit alone?”

The answer is simple and it is only one: Of course YES !!!!

You can feel comfortable because the video course was designed for those starting from scratch but also for those who already have a specific knowledge of the subject! I want to deepen this point because the basis of my mission is not the sale of the product but give anyone the opportunity to gain knowledge.

Explain in a simple way those that are professional contents applicable on everything … from two to four wheels … in practice on everything that assembles injection systems.

Ah, a very important thing … you do not really think that mapping a unit is just synonymous with increasing the horses, It’s not???? !!!!!

There is nothing more WRONG! The real goal is to go to intervene on a file to improve the parameters that the parent has deliberately entered to expire. That’s right, even if you’ve never noticed, there are components that must not exceed a number of years of life!

Don’t you believe it? Have you ever wondered why in modern petrol cars we have reached the point where the coil are more frequently broken than a belt? If you think it’s because of the poor quality of the components, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you’re on the wrong track.

The truth? Everything is written inside that box called the control unit.

I’ll give you some examples:

The accelerating vacuum on the 1.3 Multijet engines or the problems of long hot engine starts on the vw engines (the Germans are specialists in this!). I could go on for hours …

But you and I have no time to waste … I preferred to explain in detail everything that happens in a control unit and how to modify it both for the increase of horses (with a specific strategy) but also for the optimization of a file for Fap Egr lambda probe …

ALL THIS IS IN THE VIDEO COURSE lasting about 6 hours divided into 6 chapters!

From the knowledge of the control unit and its internal components up to its cloning … how to open it without damaging it … all divided up by injection systems … strategies, solutions to problems … nothing really is missing!

What what?! Why did I decide to make the video course rather than invite you to my workshop in Imola?

Definitely to give the opportunity to all the people who want to learn this job to do so without moving from home! Work, family, distance … we can not neglect these elements in the era of technology 3.0.

And then…

We wasted time and money to attend to interesting live courses……. me for first…… but, when I got home I was assailed by a thousand doubts….. butting into practice what I learned I did not know where to start, was it like this or like that???????? Boooo……I did not remember anything anymore!!

Here, I wanted to do a video course just to give you the chance to see it whenever you want.

Come on, now I salute you because your time is precious too.

Good vision!



VIDEO COURSE A $ 149.00 INSTEAD OF $ 199.00

Program of the Video Course

  • Correction techniques for 1.3 multijet engines (vacuum up to 2000g / min)
  • Hot start problem correction techniques for VW engines
  • Internal operation of the engine control units
  • FAP / DPF management optimization
  • EGR management optimization
  • Flow logic from sensors to actuators
  • EPROM memories
  • Serial / Traditional Programming
  • Linear Checksum with Algorithm
  • Settings and driver files
  • Data banks on the Internet
  • Dedicated software
  • Maps correction techniques on Turbo Diesel systems
  • Maps correction techniques on Gasoline aspirated systems
  • Maps correction techniques on Turbo Gasoline systems
  • Families Bosch ME7 .xx, ME9.xx, MED9.xx, MED17.xx and others
  • Marelli and Siemens families
  • BDM pseudo-serial interface: operating technique EDC17, MED17
  • Tri Core CPU and new generations
  • Anti-Tuning Systems: functions and strategies
  • OBDII serial programming
  • Warnings on serial programming
  • Precautions and advice.

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